Sunday, July 10, 2016

July 9th. The Portal, Manchester, CT

Format: Nova
Number of Players: 28
Rounds: 3
Placing: 3rd

I haven't done one of these for a bit but this tournament went really well and I wanted to share my updated list and my matchups.


Ravenwing Strike Force:

Librarian, Bike, Eye of the Unseen, Auspex
6 Black Knights
6 Black Knights
6-Man Command Squad, Banner, Apothecary, Grenade Launcher

White Scars Librarius Conclave:

Level 2 Librarian, Bike, Hunter's Eye, Sword
Level 2 Librarian, Bike, Axe
Level 2 Librarian, Bike, Sword
Level 2 Librarian, Bike, Axe

White Scars Combined Arms Detachment:

Chaplain, Bike, Auspex
3 Bikers
3 Bikers, 2 Grav guns, combi-grav
Attack Bike, Multi-Melta
Attack Bike, Multi-Melta

I made these changes after I found the Inquisistar was too vulnerable to the land raider being disabled, and that I was in need of some troops choices so people stopped auto-scoring Strike the Rank and File against me.

Game 1:

White Scars Battle Company+Culexus Assassin:

This is a rough matchup for me, more than normal battle company. The Hunter's Eye and shutting off my invis is terrible for me. Luckily I was able to keep his units off of objectives and limit his primary points, and snagged the relic the last turn for a close win.

13-11 Win

Game 2:


This is a super easy matchup for me. I just rolled on Librarius, used psychic scourge to strip wounds off of his tyrants and shot them down with plasma then charged. The Mawlocs can't do much as long as I stay spaced out.

25-7 Win

Game 3:

Iron Priests+Dark Angels Super Friends:

He got veil of time, I got invisibility and null zone. The game became who could get their powers off and block each other's, and I definitely outdid him in the psychic phase.

25-5 Win

I really like how this army performed and I think it gives me a lot of even or good matchups, with a few bad matchups I just won't get around with a bike army (especially demons, definitely white scars battle company as well). 

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