Sunday, May 15, 2016

March 19th. The Portal, Manchester CT

Format: ITC
Number of Players: 48
Rounds: 3
Placing: 2nd (Tie)

This was my first large tournament and was absolutely wild. The store hadn't expected so many people to turn out and games were running for around 10 hours. After all 3 rounds were played there was a 4-way tie for first. After the tiebreaker points (margin of victory), I ended up tied for 2nd. In lieu of game breakdowns I'm just going to post about what lists I played against and whether I won or lost. Feel free to ask me about specifics and I will talk about it to the best of my memory.

Inquisitorial Detachment:
Ordo Xeno Inquisitor, Power Armor, Liber Heresius, Psychotroke Grenade, Level 1 Psyker, Rad Grenades
Henchmen Warband, 5 Crusaders, 4 Death Cult Assassins, Psyker, Priest w/ Eviscerator, Priest. Land Raider Crusader Transport, Psybolt Ammo, Dozer Blade
Ravenwing Strike Force:
6 Black Knights, 1 Grenade Launcher
6-Man Command Squad, Banner, Apothecary, Champion, Grenade Launcher
Dark Angels Librarius Conclave
Level 2 Librarian, Bike, Axe, Conversion Field, Auspex, Eye of the Unseen
Level 2 Librarian, Bike, Sword, Shroud of Heroes

Game 1: 
Grey Knight Purifier Spam+Flesh Taxis+Melta Knight
Result - 10-1 Victory

Game 2: 
Flyrants, Lictors and Mawlocs (oh my)
Result - 8-4 Victory

Game 3: 
Mobile Suit Tau (Riptide Wing+Stormsurge+Broadsides+Crisis Suits)
Result - 11-1 Victory

In 2/3 games my star got stuck in combat against something it was having a lot of trouble killing. After this tournament I decided to find a way to get them hit and run and slightly more reliable ap2/high S

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