Saturday, May 28, 2016

May 28th. Castle Dice, Londonderry, NH

Format: Nova
Number of Players: 11
Rounds: 3
Placing: 9th (Tie, Ugh)

Lots of the same guys from previous tournaments. A lot of good players and I once again failed to show up against them.


Inquisitorial Detachment:

Ordo Xeno Inquisitor, Power Armor, Liber Heresius, Psychotroke Grenade, Level 1 Psyker, Rad Grenades
Inquisitor Coteaz
Henchmen Warband, 5 Crusaders, 4 Death Cult Assassins, Psyker, Priest w/ Eviscerator, Priest. Land Raider Crusader Transport, Psybolt Ammo, Dozer Blade

Ravenwing Strike Force:

3 Black Knights
3 Black Knights
Attack Bike, Multi-Melta
6-Man Command Squad, Banner, Apothecary, Champion, Grenade Launcher
Librarian, Eye of the Unseen

White Scars Librarius Conclave:

Level 2 Librarian, Axe
Level 2 Librarian, Bike, Wrath of the Heavens, Sword
Level 2 Librarian, Bike, Hunter's Eye, Axe

Game 1:

Khorne Demonkin with a Brass Scorpion, 4 Soul Drinkers and 3 Maulerfiends
Result: 7-19 Loss

Game 2:

Iron Hands CAD with 5 Dreadnoughts, a Sicaran and the RaptorStormTalonHawkEagleBirdPerson
Result - 16-9 Win

Game 3:
Mobile Suit Tau (Riptide Wing, 2 Stormsurges)
Result - 11-16 Loss

This was rough. Walkers give me a ton of trouble to begin with, and I didn't get a single invisibility after NINE rolls on telepathy in game one. I got demolished in CC and he was fast enough to keep up with me. Game 2 I decided to go with technomancy and wish I'd done that game one. That discipline is awesome against vehicles. I destroyed a dreadnought and 2 land speeders with his own sicaran thanks to subvert machine, and the +1 toughness spell helped my star a lot. The last game was against a tau player I've beaten twice already. Had the game ended on turn 5 I would have won, on turn 6 I would have tied, and there were 4 models left at the end. I can think of one or two mistakes but I've ultimately decided to change up my list for my tournament next month. In a week or two I'll post part two of my Ravenwing tactica.

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