Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Talons Alight Fall ITC Tier List

Fall ITC Tier List

This is a follow up to my post about a new kind of tier list. My own take at a tier list for ITC tournaments.

A few disclaimers about how this list works. I mostly wrote this list myself, with some collaboration with members of my club. This list is based off of units, formations, and detachments rather than codices, ordered by faction. I will give a rough explanation of each tier but not every unit in it. I judge each unit/formation/detachment based on its points cost (including how difficult it is to include in an army list), strengths, and (when applicable) other similar options. Also note I have not included Genestealer Cults as they are relatively new.

S Tier:
Battle Company

Scatterbikes, Skathach Wraithknight

Daemonic Incursion

Probably no surprises here. These are all the cores of army lists that currently dominate the meta and have been strong in both ITC and NOVA. The Skathach leapfrogs the regular Wraithknight in ITC thanks to the hellstorm template not being ignored by invisibility.

A Tier:

Librarius Conclave, Drop Pods, War Convocation, Culexus Assassin

Warp Spiders, Jetseer, Wraithknight, Warp Hunter, Riptide Wing, Decurion

Fateweaver, Screamers, Fleshhounds, Lord of Change, Renegade Wyverns

Void Shield Generator

Probably not many surprises here either. These are all incredibly powerful units, formations, and detachments, including two that are more than the sum of their parts. Otherwise these are units that fill in all the gaps for those meta-defining armies but are no-brainers to take on their own as well. Lots of Eldar here, to no one’s surprise.

B Tier:

Skyhammer Annihilation Force, Tigirius, Grav Centurions, Black Knights, Darkshroud Thunderwolf Cavalry, Company of the Great Wolf, Nemesis Dreadknight, Imperial Wyverns, Psykana Division, Pask (Punisher Tank), Tech Priest Dominus, Kastalan Robots, Inquisitor Coteaz, Imperial Knights (Castigator, Warden, Paladin, Crusader), Callidus Assassin

Swooping Hawks, Vaul’s Wrath Battery, Wraithguard, Lynx, Corsair Raiding Party, Void Dreamer, Stormsurge, Marker Drones, Drone-Net, Canoptek Harvest, Necron Destroyer Cult, Necron Wraiths, Flyrant, Zhadsnark, Buzzgob’s Kustom Stompa

D-Thirster, Burning Skyhost, Herald of Tzeentch, Murderhost, Renegade Medusa Battery, Cyclopia Cabal

This is probably going to always be my most populated part of the list. These are all the units you see sneaking into top-tier lists because they are strong or work very well with other top units. A couple of these units suffer from the state of the rest of their codex and could very well be A-tier if they were easier to take (Wyverns, Flyrants), while others are often crowded out by better options (Swooping Hawks, Corsairs). This is where we start to see the strength of all of the options Imperial armies have as well, as there are tons of units that work well and can be great when taken in the proper list. The two units I was on the fence about placing here were Thunderwolf Cavalry and the Cyclopia Cabal, but the weakness of stars in ITC compared to NOVA knocked them down from A-Tier.

C Tier:
Space Marine Scouts, Space Marine Bikes, Azrael, Wulfen, Ironwolves, Brother-Captain Sternn, Deathwatch Veterans, Vulture Gunship, Tempestus Scions, Kataphron Destroyers, Xenos Inquisitor, St. Celestine

Corpsethief Claw, Firebase Support Cadre, Optimized Stealth Cadre, Necron Immortals, Ghost Ark, Warboss

Daemonic Tetrad, Pink Horrors, Nurglings, Warpflame Host, Furies, Black Crusade Detachment

The bottom competitive tier, this is mostly units you see filling a tax and do so because they’re cheap. Also I’ve included a few options that I think are decent units that don’t see a lot of use due to their price tag (Tetrad), the unpopularity of their army (Warbosses, Vultures, Corpsethief), or are relatively new (Black Crusade, Deathwatch).

What do you guys think? I would especially appreciate feedback about the format and how it could be improved. Also note that this is a “living document” that I may update based on suggestions for the new couple weeks.

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